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  • Hi

    I am using a wrapper div to create a background image which spans both the sidebar and the main column… I have added to the index.php:

    <div id=”wrapper”>
    <div class=”maincolumn”> content </div>
    <div class=”sidebar”> sidebar content </div>

    and then the following in the CSS:

    background: url(images/main_bg.png);

    It works fine in Firefox and ie but the background image isnt showing up at all in Safari

    Has anybody got any ideas??

    thanks maxl23

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    Your CSS is incorrect. Try:

    #wrapper{background: url(images/main_bg.png) repeat-y;

    Hi Esmi

    It hasnt worked…? my main column and sidebar are both
    float:left; … could this have anything to do with it??

    thanks in advance max



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    Typo. Should be:

    #wrapper{background: url(images/main_bg.png) repeat-y;}

    Posting a link to your site would also help.

    Hi Esmi

    I had already added the “}”

    this is the site

    thanks for helping




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    You have some validation errors on your site – the most serious ones caused by the fact that you either have no footer.php file or it lacks at least 1 </div> as well as the closing </body></html> tags. That could well throw some browsers off.

    There are also errors in your theme’s stylesheets that need fixing.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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