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    is there a way to stop WP from wrapping every one of my posts in <div> tags? it messes up the spacing of the custom layout i’ve made and I’d hate to have to edit the HTML of every post I do just to delete the <div> tags and have them replaced with <p> tags.

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  • my other question is what file do I have to edit to remove the list tags (<li>,<ul>) from my Categories/Blog Roll/Month lists. I just want them normal (i.e. seperated by <br>)


    sorry to bump this – but anyone that can help me?

    i’ve resolved the second portion of the List problems. but the post problem remains

    I am having a similar issue. I have noticed that WP 2.0.2 is inserting <div> tags in my posts. It doesn’t always happen, but it mostly seems to happen when I insert an image using an URL reference and try to center it on the page.

    I haven’t found any help on this issue in this forum yet, and am considering starting a new thread on it.

    The ONLY time I’ve ever seen div tags become a problem like this is when you copy and paste from another program (Word, or another site?) into the visual text editor.

    Try going to users and options and disabling it, and then using the non-visual editor, or just write directly into the editor window instead of copy+paste.

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