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  1. iyamdman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am working with the Themeactic theme on this site:


    On this page I have loaded some photos:


    You will see in the top image, that it is larger then the bottom photo, but that it's right side has been cut-off/hidden.

    How can I get it so that the template will adjust the image size to a max-width?

    I am using Firebug, and I can see that the container is Div id = "Post-#" and the Div Class = "entry-content"

    I think in there, is where the "element.style" is set to 810px.

    I look through all the .css files, and can't find any code setting this width.

    Does this mean that it is set by being = to a certain width of some other area?

    Where in the .css files can I find where this width is set, or some way to override it? In the default.css? style.css?

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