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    I have WordPress 3.1.3 installed and hosted on my server. As admin I am able to modify the HTML in posts without any problem. However, EVERY user I’ve set up that logs on remotely has an issue updating posts. If they modify any text in a post, the DIV tag at the top of the post gets removed and replaced. The div tag is needed so that the format of the post is correct. This is the exact div tag that gets removed EVERY time any text is changed in the post:
    <div style='position:absolute; z-index:1; top:10px; left:10px;'>
    Wordpress changes it to just this: <div>
    Why does this tag change for my users but not for me? Seems like a bug to me. Please explain how I can resolve this. It happens for all of my users.


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  • They’re probably editing in the VISUAL (GUI) editor, not the HTML editor. And yeah, it strips tags like that sometimes. Known issue.

    Can you make a shortcode for that div hack instead?

    Thanks for the shortcode idea. They are in fact using HTML editor. Here’s what is interesting…When click the checkbox to: ‘Grant this user super admin privileges for the Network.’ this issue does not occur. Great news! except that I do NOT want users to have super admin privileges and be able to modify my other WP sites. 🙂

    Ooooh, you know what, I bet that’s the unfiltered HTML issue! Non-Admins can’t use all the HTML tags that Admins can.

    Make a shortcode. 🙂 It’s MUCH safer than anything else.

    Yep. Unfiltered HTML is the issue…I found a plugin called Unfiltered MU that when activated on the site, allows editors to use unfiltered HTML. Works like a champ! Thanks for the assist on this one.

    That plugin is, generally, a terrible idea on a NONRESTRICTED MultiSite. If anyone can signup then you DO NOT want to even CONSIDER this plugin. Hear me? Okay.

    I’d make a shortcode. HELL of a lot safer.

    I hear ya. It’s not a public site and registrations are disabled (the admin controls all new users) so would you say it’s still a threat to use this plugin? Shortcode is a good idea but the div hack is slightly different from post to post, so the plugin is much simpler.

    If you’re sure yoru users aren’t going to try iframe and JS hacks, you’re okay.

    Is the div hack something you could code into the theme instead? I’m wondering what it’s for…

    My users barely know HTML so don’t think iframe or JS hacks will be a problem. 🙂 I probably could/should put the DIV hack in the theme. It is just for formatting the post essentially so that everything shows up in the right place. Thanks for all your help!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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