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    thanks for this fine pice of work. works for me. was hard to get this working, since immoscout was kind of short on personal. took me nearly 4 weeks to get my account exporting exposes.

    i found some bugs and have some suggestions..
    documentation: nothing seems to be documented.
    if it was up to me, i would have written the output of immocaster myself and did not use the field below the page admin interface. so every user can customize the output himself.
    would be nice, to have that option one day.

    language: i have a multi-language-site running, would be nice to get this working together. i think the easiest way for you would be include a text-field, where the user can include the language_string. make it an optional field and this should work with all the language plugins.

    galeria: this should be optional. same goes for the settings of galeria (dimensions..).

    bugs: i found some divs (detail page), that have style attributes, that seem to be wrong, i guess you wanted to type id: immocaster_infoblock_desc, immocaster_infoblock_furnishing, immocaster_infoblock_location, immocaster_infoblock_other

    inline css (detail page, google map): <style type=”text/css”>#map_canvas_8dc22f5bc6145101a2924c5293670d2d{width:100%;height:300px;}</style>
    you could give the map div a class and style it or use the css “begins with” selector: div[id^=”map_canvas”] {width:100%;height:300px;}


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  • thx for your information. for you custom output just copy the default folder and call this folder custom… maybe there is a better way, but at this time we are in talk with an agency which will optimize the plugin in the future. Because i dont have so much time anymore for this project. So i cant say when the next version will be released. but i will show them your infos.


    hey opfer
    thanks for the reply. no worries, i dont wanna blame you 😉
    its just hard to get along with no docs.
    so you say “copy the default folder and call it custom”.
    should it stay in the plugin folder, or do i have to copy it to my theme..?
    cause so i have to monitor this folder during an update. i saw that woocommerce uses the same method, but this folder has to be in the theme folder and just has to have a certain name. maybe that is an idea..

    anyways. keep it up. thanks

    hi opfer

    i now have a request to change the default fields, that appear in the results overview. i copied the “default” folder, named it “custom”, and changed some fields, but its not showing up. instead, when i change the default stuff, the changes work.
    whats the trick to change the theme..?

    works now for some misterious reason.

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