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    I am writing a custom theme and when I was looking at some of it in the browser, I noticed that it is inserting <div id="idTextPanel"> around the post content.

    The code I have for the theme is s follows:

    <section class="postbody">
       <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) {
       the_content(); ?>

    But what I am getting is:

    <section class="postbody">
       <div id="idTextPanel">
          <p>Lorem ipsum...</p>

    I know this is not being generated by a plug-in as all I have installed are Hello Dolly and Akismet and neither is active at the moment.

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  • Just something else to add, this is specific to me using the_content function. If I use the_excerpt instead I do not have this problem.

    This is now marked as closed – did you find out what was causing the problem? I’m having the same issue.

    I’d rather not have all these randomly generated ids everywhere.


    It actually was extraneous code coming in from a paste I had forgotten to past into notepad++ first.

    Hey, thanks for coming back and responding!

    Yeah, I did the EXACT same thing. So if anyone in the future reads this thread – check your text in the dashboard first. There might be a hidden div.

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