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  • I have just updated to 2.1 from 2.0.7

    I used to have my widescreen images in div’s and that worked great. But now WordPress changes my entries from <div>blabla</div> to <div>blabla</div>. So now the images appear with a small margin to the left.

    Is there a possible way to change this back?

    (see for yourself:

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  • 2.1 had the <p> tag appearing in my <div> in the posts, but I deleted line 66 and it’s looking back to normal now. Thanks for the tip.

    Tried the fix on line 66 and this is what I get
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_LNUMBER in /home/ccf/ on line 3

    Unfortunately, there are quite a few other issues for me on WordPress 2.1 and I will certainly not upgrade my other blog.
    My static pages have been turned into ordinary posts and placed chronologically, the p tag issue is the cherry on the cake. I have tried every suggestion on this post to fix it, but it just won’t work.
    I would move back to 2.07 that worked beautifully if I had access to my database.

    Thnx for the comment-line-66-tip! Works great.. But only the div tag thing is fixed, is there some other line to comment (or delete) for the p tags around the <!--more-->?

    @ccf: maybe download again, delete (or comment) line 66 in formatting.php that is inside that wordpress folder, than upload it to your blog. Maybe you accidently deleted something else.

    I’m experiencing the same problem as samkahn.

    I posted this elsewhere but it’s not getting any attention. Here’s what I see in the visual and code editors:

    As you can see there are no < p > tags in the code. This is causing problems. What’s going on?

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    The code itself won’t have the paragraph tags in it, those are added after the fact, during the display of the code on the webpage.

    What’s in the database and what’s on the write post screen is *not* the exact code that is displayed on the page.

    But I feel like in 2.0x I would click “view HTML” and it would show all the paragraph code. Really, all the code. The way it is now, adding in the p tags later it’s adding them all wrong and causing dozens of validation errors with stuf like <p><strong>content</p></strong>

    Any idea why that would be happening? Having the ability to edit all the html was crucial in the earlier versions. Why should that change?

    I actually *didn’t* see all the HTML tags (2.0 and before) when I was editing in visual editor and switched to code editor. That’s why I don’t use visual editor any more.

    My problems with DIV tags were solved by a combination of two solutions: commenting line 66 of wp-includes/formatting.php like suggested earlier in this thread, and by editing line 24 of wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce_config.php as suggested by silence226 in .

    ah – that line 24 change fixed the problem for me, too.

    Is this something that the dev team would fix in future releases if someone filed a bug?

    empoor: here’s a screen shot of 2.04:

    You can see the paragraph tags.

    And for comparison again here’s 2.1:

    Does anyone have any idea what to hack to show paragraph tags in code?

    empoor, I did what you suggested, and unfortunately, the result is still the same. I get p tags instead of div tags.
    I am ever soooo sorry I ever upgraded. I see no advantages for me in 2.1
    My other blog is still in 2.07 and works beautifully. I will certainly not change anything to it.
    Ella was a great singer and doesn’t deserve this version of WordPress

    The magic solution, a plugin
    (I don’t like people looking at my code and fixing it for me; I don’t like computer doing it also; I found this plugin, that merely leave my code as I wrote it…)

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 75 total)
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