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  • I’m having some issues with my blog.

    The images are distorted, they appear elongated.

    I have a max width statement in the CSS file to keep the images a certain size

    a img {border:0}
    #content img {max-width:280px}

    This worked fine until I upgraded to IE8 and if I don’t have the statement, then the images hang over to the side of the blog.

    Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    I tried other themes but they all have this problem too.

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  • If the width of your images are being reduced to 280px and the height isn’t being reduced in proportion, then they will be distorted. If you are going to automatically reduce the width of an image that is wider than 280px, then you need some way of auto reducing the height proportionally…I’m not sure how to do that in the code, but maybe someone else can offer a code solution.

    It was working fine until I updated to IE8 and it has a compatibility view button that if I press it fixes my view of the issue but I would like to resolve it.

    The compatibility icon is on all worpress blogs I have visited so far. I wonder if it’s a wordpress problem?

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Several different sites work as expected with every browser but IE8? Sounds like an IE8 problem to me. You’ll probably need to write specific CSS to handle that browser.

    Or you could scale the images to the proper size and change the template accordingly, which would probably be a more robust solution in the long run.

    Well, if it doesn’t happen with blogger and normal websites while using IE8 but only to wordpress sites (even this site has a compatibility problem) then I would have thought that the issue was with wordpress. KWIM?

    I have tried the latest themes and they too have issues with photo sizing. I am amazed that no one else is seeing this problem.

    I really don’t want to argue who’s fault it is. I would like to fix the problem using code if I have to. My skills with PHP don’t extend to that level. I can do basic stuff and follow instructions. Can anyone assist me with this?

    I would like to add that I am grateful to all that have replied so far.

    Nobody knows? 🙁




    you want help with something that you have provided very little info about.

    you apparently missed the sticky on the front of the forums titled “How to get better help with your questions in the Forums

    hint, how about a url.

    I have no idea what else to provide. I can reproduce the error with any WP theme. Just load it and look at it in IE8 and Foxpro.

    What URL should I be providing. Sorry for being so thick, but if it’s a link to my blog that you are referring, I have changed the template for something that works better because I have advertised it and I expect traffic.

    I’ll change it back.




    your images are distorted in firefox, as well. whats the problem and/or what dont you understand? Im confused.

    This is due to what you mention in your first post, your own css that is constraining the width of the images.

    Figaro explained the problem to you in detail.

    If I don’t constrain the width, they spill over into the margin. I’ll take it out now to show.

    I understand what Figaro is saying, but how do I fix it so that the height is proportionally reduced?

    If I have the max0width code to size the image to stay in the blog and I press the compatibility button, then the blog is displayed correctly.

    But that doesn’t fix the problem for my readers or with the blog. It just covers it up for me.

    I can only guess from that that the php is somehow incorrect in either wordpress or the theme because it doesn’t happen to blogger, typepad and websites, only WP has this compatibility issue.

    I’m at a loss. I love WP and I don’t want to change it or my theme and it matters not if I change the theme. Some themes are better than others, but they still have the compatibility issue for me. I’ve scoured the internet to find a solution.

    I’m rambling. Thanks for reading this far.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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