Disqus Trouble in IE8, avatars, comment buttons, forms not showing (2 posts)

  1. rawdiant
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Having a Disqus issue today... Some description:

    * You can see a sample of the the problem here:

    * Usernames / Comments DO show, but...
    -- avatars do not show (IE only)
    -- forms do not show (IE only)
    -- like / reply buttons do not show (IE only)
    -- no way to add a comment (IE only)

    * Further relevant detail
    -- I'm on WP 2.9.1
    -- Problem occurs in IE8
    -- No problem with Google Chrome

    * Searched around & found another blog w/ apparently the *same* issue:

    (I don't know that guy... just wanted to show that it's not my blog only. When you look at either of our blogs in IE, the comment system doesn't work. Yet, it looks/functions fine in Chrome -- and presumably other browsers.)

  2. Kevin
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Did you ever find the solution to the problem? I'm having the same issue with my avatars in IE 8

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