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  • Hey,
    So i am using the Disqus plugin version 2.65. I am trying to edit the dsq-global-toolbar at the top of the Disqus comments.

    The following tags are in disqus-comment-system/comments.php

    <div id=”disqus_thread”>
    <?php if (!get_option(‘disqus_disable_ssr’)): ?>
    // if (is_file(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/comments.php’)) {
    // include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/comments.php’);
    // }
    <div id=”dsq-content”>
    <ul id=”dsq-comments”>

    however on my site there are mulitple tags (the disqus-global-toolbar div) that seem to be dynamically appended between the dsq-content div and the dsq-comments ul. Where is this coming from and where can i edit this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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