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  • I have a plain-jane blog using WordPress 3 with a slightly modified default theme.

    I wantto use Disqus on my blog but have been unable to import my comments into Disqus. The auto importer in the Disqus plugin does does not work ans manual imports fail too. I am trying to import about 6,000 comments.

    I have contacted Disqus support. They were prompt in the beginning but now it is as if I don’t exist. Their final email to me was:

    When looking at your most recent import for example the file itself doesn’t have a proper ending; it just ends in the middle of a comment’s XML data. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

    Most likely this is due to WordPress setting a limit on how big the file can be before being cut off during the export process. One possible method to remedy this would be to export one month at a time (or a few months at a time if you can get away with it). Try exporting in that fashion and let us know what you find or if we can help with anything further.

    Any suggestions? I told them I couldn’t find a way to import the comments one month at a time.

    Bruce Gerencser

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  • Hi Bruce,

    Sorry for the delay. We’ve received higher-than-normal numbers of support requests recently and are working as quickly as we can to respond. Thanks especially for your patience over the long holiday weekend. I’ll respond to your email shortly so you have a copy of this in your email as well but the feature I was referring to exists at your WordPress admin > Tools > Export > select Posts and then you can sort by date range. Here’s a screenshot for reference:



    Hey Tyler,

    When I did that last week I looked at the file and all it had in it was the posts. The only way I could get the comments was to use the complete export command. I just tried it again using a larger parameter, two months instead of one, and it did output the comments.

    I may try again, late tonight to set up Disqus. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do and look for. I do want this to work… I appreciate your help Tyler.


    There’s nothing else I can think of you’d need to look into Bruce. Go ahead and give it a shot tonight if you can and follow up here and/or via our email conversation and we’ll take the next steps.


    Ok…..Import is done. I imported everything in six files

    It looks like all the comments imported. However, on the result page in Disqus it shows ALL of the files at 100% import but only one of them says the import was successful. The other five say ERROR WITH IMPORT.

    I am hoping this is just a bug on your end and that all the comments are indeed imported as the 100% seems to suggest.

    Please let me know if everything imported correctly.

    Thanks for your help, Tyler.


    I see that the Disqus site says I still have six imports operating.

    One other thing…….shouldn’t the comments in WordPress be the same as what shows in Disqus? Since I completed the import no new comments have showed up in WordPress. In the comments/all section. The comments do show in Disqus and on the individual posts bur NOT in WordPress itself. On the dashboard page there is a Recent comments section. None of the comments After the import show.


    This has also messed up the Comment RSS feed. It has not updated since I changed over to Disqus.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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