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  • I’m trying to install the
    disqus comments system into my wordpress blog, so I don’t have to mess with installing facebook connect and twiiter and all that, this was supposed to make my life easier, but like most plugins for wordpress, not enough instructions come with this plugin!

    the disqus comments aren’t showing up in my wordpress theme, at all. is there some sort of code I’m supposed to put into my theme or something? because the plugin nor the disqus website says anything about putting in code into your template for wordpress. It just says install the plugin and go thru the settings. ok I did all that, but why aren’t the comments system showing up on my blog then?

    Is it a plugin problem? or am I supposed to put in code in my template? because if I am supposed to the instructions didn’t say so!

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  • Did you get this issue resolved? I’m experiencing the same thing now in my child theme which I developed on top of Thematic. Are the default WP comments showing up in your theme?



    I had the same issue too. I’m not sure if this “fix” is universal, it may depend on the theme you’re using, but I did the following and now Disqus comments are working OK.

    Log in to your Disqus account and go to the settings page for your site. Make sure that “Display login buttons with comment box” is NOT selected.

    If it’s selected, I get no comments. If it’s not selected, I get comments.

    It might be down to a CSS issue, either in my theme or with Disqus, as the Disqus comment area appears to be slightly wider than my theme. As of now I just haven’t had chance to examine the issue further.

    Hope this helps!

    Same issue here. Unfortunately Adrian’s fix didn’t work for my site. Even using the preview option when changing disqus theme appearance doesn’t show up either. :\

    finally got it to work. I recommend disabling all plugins. i was using “google friend connect plugin” and this was not allowing disqus to be displayed due to one of the features.

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