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  1. ZaheedManuel
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi. I installed the latest Disqus plugin into my WordPress website. The comments and reactions are showing on other posts. I even reposted some of the posts but the comments still appear in the wrong posts.

    See below.

    The Scott Harrison post suppose to have 2 re-actions but it doesn't. They are sitting under other 2 posts
    http://thefuturesmuse.com/disruption/are-you-ready-for-the-21st-century#&panel1-1 and

    re-imagining-prosperity-for-the-21st-century has a comment by Russel Young that is not suppose to be there. Suppose to be here http://thefuturesmuse.com/disruption/game-on-changing-the-world-through-playing-games

    And then one person liked this post http://thefuturesmuse.com/disruption/re-imagining-prosperity-for-the-21st-century
    We don't know if they liked that one or another.. How can we tell?

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