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  • I have the exact same problem! (actually for both AlpinePhotoTiles for Pinterest and for Instagram).

    Did you find a solution Alfred?

    Anyone know what causes this? Could it be interference from some other plugin?

    Best wishes,

    I cant remember exactly how I fixed it but I think it had to do with the right version of jQuery or js.

    Load Styles and
    Scripts in Header: is checked,
    Prevent Lightbox Loading: is checked,
    Choose jQuery Lightbox Plugin : fancybox(safemode)

    Those are my settings pretty much. I cant remember if I hacked the plugin to remove the visibility:hidden but try those settings.

    Good luck

    I have managed to find a solution for this problem, the problem being that the alpine plugin is trying to use a deprecated feature of jquery that was removed before 2.0.

    There are two solutions, either:

    A. You can use an older version of jquery e.e v1.10.2 with browser detection still available.

    B. You can use the browser support plugin found here. You need to include this in your theme’s header or footer with a script tag.

    Edit: Apparently things still break with the browser support plugin so the first solution has to be used.

    Thanks so much for your replies 🙂

    alfredk – unfortunately the settings you listed above doesn’t cut it for me at the site I’m working at. It may very well be a question of jquery-version, as cazman also suggests..

    cazman – I’m still on a steep learning curve in this field, so if you could point me in the direction where I can change the jquery version, I would be immensely grateful? 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Plugin Author theAlpinePress


    Sorry for not being part of the discussion. I simply don’t have time for WordPress development anymore. I just checked compatibility with WP 3.8 and updated the plugin.

    As cazman mentioned, there were a couple deprecated jQuery features that I have removed from the plugin, though I doubt that was the cause of your trouble.

    Now, to give a little explanation of how the plugin works: the Vertical and Cascade styles are put together by the server and then sent to the web browser. This makes them the most reliable options.

    The rest of the styles are put together by javascript code running in the web browser. The easiest way to load images and manipulate them using javascript is to first load them somewhere on the page. The AlpinePhotoTiles_image_list_class <div> is where the plugin puts all the images and then waits for the browser to announce when it is done. I don’t want the user to see the images loading, which is why this <div> is hidden. Once the images are loaded, the javascript portion of the plugin puts together the display (Windows, Gallery, etc).

    There are 2 reasons (that I know of) for why the plugin stops before putting together the display.

    First, the javascript files are supposed to be loaded in the bottom of the web page by the WordPress theme, but some themes don’t do this correctly. The “Load Scripts and Styles in Header” option corrects this by loading the files at the top of a web page.

    Second, if another javascript plugin crashes or conflicts with the PhotoTile plugin, nothing will be displayed. If that is the case, there is nothing I can do (I don’t claim to be a javascript expert, but I have put a lot of time into testing the plugin).

    The easiest way to figure out if the problem is with the PhotoTile plugin, the theme, or another plugin is to use one of the default WordPress plugin (which are well written) and then enable one plugin at a time.

    I hope that helps. There is definitely a learning cure to problem solving these things. One last thing I would mention is that you can listen to your browser and see if it announces any errors. Using Chrome or Firefox, go to your website, right-click anywhere on the page, and select “Inspect Element”. A panel should appear at the bottom of the page. Select the “Console” tab and then reload the page.


    Plugin Author theAlpinePress


    The easiest way to figure out if the problem is with the PhotoTile plugin, the theme, or another plugin is to use one of the default WordPress THEMES (which are well written) and then enable one plugin at a time.

    Hi Eric,

    thanks so much for your very resourceful answer 🙂

    I did already (on the basis of Alfred and cazman’s answers) find a solution. The problem was that my client’s WP-theme (deTube) had forced an old version of JQuery (1.9.something) that was incompatible with AlpinePhotoTile. I managed to track it down and delete it, whilst still keeping the theme’s functionality. And now the plugins work like a charm 🙂

    Thanks again guys for putting me on the right track,

    best wishes,

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