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  • If WordPress is already installed in a folder I believe that the WordPress ‘homepage’ can be displayed as the Root of a domain.

    And this can be done by using the domain name in General, Settings, and ‘Site Address (URL)’.

    Is there ANYTHING else that needs changing? Does it matter if there is already an index.html file in the root (as previously used) – will the WordPress override this?

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  • I’d rename the index.html just in case I needed it later for some reason.

    Index.html (and welcome.html or home.html… etc.) in the web root is usually just a placeholder and advertising for the web host until it gets replaced by something else. In the case of WordPress that would be index.php which fires up WordPress itself.

    You’ll often find index.html files in directories to help prevent, direct or even redirect visitors who stumble upon a directory. Those files are there to keep the web server from generating a list of files in that directory and presenting that list as the directory index.

    Thanks @jnashhawkins – so, is there anything else that needs doing or is it simply the site url and renaming index.html?

    Do you use a control panel like cPanel or your are managing the server through the command line? You need to add virtual block for your domain in your web server configuration and make sure the document root for that domain is pointed to the directory where you installed WordPress.

    If you already have your domain added and WordPress is installed in the correct directory, you should be able to reach the WordPress installation page via browser.

    Did you read the instructions linked on the Settings > General page for

    There is a minor change to make in the index.php file.

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