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    Hi Roland,

    I have a few of questions about the internal fields (ID, Date Recorded etc.) please:

    1. Can the internal fields be shown to front-end users on the Single Record (pdb_single) page? I would like users to know when the record was last updated for example.

    2. I have got the internal fields showing on my pdb_list (by adding “fields=” to the shortcode), but is it possible to have the ‘Single Record Link’ on one of them? Your documentation says “You can set the link on any text field or an image field”, but there are only 9 (of 34) fields in the ‘Single Record Link Field’ drop-down list, and the internal fields aren’t among them.

    3. Can the ‘id’ internal field somehow be sent in a ‘Signup Response Email’? I would like the user to be able to view their record on the front-end without having to search through the pdb-list.

    4. Finally, is it possible to move the ‘Internal’ group tab around? For some reason it’s right in the middle of my other groups, and because it’s not listed on the ‘Field Groups’ tab I can’t move it. It’s only a minor point at the moment as it’s only me that can see it, but if the internal fields can be added to the Single Record (as per Question 1 above) then I would like them to appear at the bottom of the record.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards,


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    All this is possible the first two will need custom plugin templates.

    1. In your single template, you can access the internal fields via the “participant_values” object. You’ll have to figure out how to include them, but you can get the value with something like $this->participant_values->date_recorded

    2. This one is more involved, but if you use the “pdb-list-detailed” template as a starting point, you can control which field gets the link.

    3. Yes. Try it.

    4. Go into the database and look the “participants_database_fields” table, there’s a column named ‘order’ where you can directly reorder the groups.

    Thanks Roland,

    I’ve got No. 3 & No. 4 sorted now, as per your help.

    Your solutions to No. 1 & No. 2 are way above my abilities unfortunately (I can just about add lines of code where directed, but trying to work out what & where to add/change things myself makes my head spin!), but I have managed to create a workaround to No. 1 at least.

    While I was in the database reordering the ‘internal’ group, I changed its ‘display’ value from 0 to 1, and it now shows up on the Single Record. I also changed ‘readonly’ on each of the individual internal fields to 1 so they can’t be edited, and added ‘private_id’ to the exclude array in the ‘pdb-single-default’ file so it can’t be seen on the front-end.

    It’s not perfect – the ID & Private ID fields now appear on the signup form (albeit in read-only form) – and it seems to stop things working properly if I change their ‘signup’ values to 0, but it pretty much does what I want now.

    So No. 2 is the only one I haven’t got anywhere with unfortunately, but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, so thank you very much for your help!


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    Glad to hear you made some headway…I know, some stuff just requires some coding!

    It is theoretically possible to do the second one in the database as well, but I don’t recommend it, you can easily break things because the value is encoded in a serialized array that won’t read if you just edit it. It would break the whole plugin because it’s in the general options array.

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