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  • Hello

    I hope this makes sense. I have a client who i have built a one page website using the jquery accordion pluggin. I managed to get it to work fine and have created custom pages for the different sections which the client can alter the text how he wants.

    Now the first nav item is a work section which showcases the work of my client. Thing is the original static site was creating using jquery captions for rollovers of the thumbs. You can have a look here at the static site here for the work menu item:

    Now what i want to do is create a pagination so more thumbs can be added to the portfolio as the design only allows 8 thumbs per page. How would i do this?? Would i create a custom page file and then just use <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH.”/”);?> or use categories to create child pages?

    Or is there a good plugin that allows me to keep the jqury functionality that was used in the static site and that will display a nice pagination at rhe bottom of the thumbs?

    Any help would be appreciated as i have been trying to find a solution for weeks and i am on the tightest deadine!

    Hope what i am trying achieve makes sense.

    Many thanks!

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