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  • I’m looking for a widget that allows you to display the Title of a post & specify the Text size. Can anyone suggest one?

    I’m using the Semiologic theme. It has a widget that displays ‘Entry Header’. Which is great, but it doesn’t allow me to change the size.
    The theme has a CSS editor, so i can change the H1 text size. However, this applies to all posts & pages accross the site.

    I need a widget that can change the header size, because I want to use it in conjunction with another plugin that enables me to specify which page each widget shows up on. Therefore, allowing me to alter the Title size on one page, and allowing it remain normal on all other posts/pages.

    I have also tried using a widget called “WordPress Loop” which allows you to specify the title size. However, it has its own Loop. So it produces a nested loop of posts!

    I’ve had a search of the plugins. But not managed to find anything.


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