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    Hi Brown Bag Marketing team!

    I’m having trouble displaying the customized fields in the job board.
    I can see the job custom fields in JSON’s metadata.

    I was trying to play with:
    $ghjb_json = wp_remote_retrieve_body( wp_remote_get(‘’ . $atts[‘url_token’] . ‘/embed/jobs?content=true’));

    and the handlebars template for returned jobs but no success
    $ghjb_html .= ‘<script id=”job-template” type=”text/x-handlebars-template”>

    Any idea/feedback will be more than welcome.

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  • Plugin Author brownbagmarketing


    Hey @critester, So you have custom fields set up in your jobs on greenhouse and they are not showing up in your job application via this plugin? After further investigation you find that the custom questions are in the JSON returned from the Greenhouse API and are trying to figure out why they aren’t showing, or at least get them to display.

    Are the custom fields displayed in the questions object in the JSON? There is a js hook to filter the question data, just add a js function to your site called ghjb_questions_filter, it will receive the questions object and allow you to muck with it and then return it.

    Let us know if this doesn’t help.

    Good Afternoon BrownBagMarketing!

    Thanks for your answer, actually, what we’re looking for, is to display the custom metadata information as a part of the job description.

    Should I create the filter in functions.php?
    how should I call it in class-greenhouse-job-board-public.php?

    Thanks in advance!
    “absolute_url”: “x”,
    “internal_job_id”: y,
    “location”: {“name”: “z”},
    metadata“: [{
    “id”: -,
    “name”: “This info 1“,
    “value”: “This info 1“,
    “value_type”: “-”
    }, {
    “id”: -,
    “name”: “This info 2“,
    “value”: “This info 2“,
    “value_type”: “-”
    }, {
    “id”: -,
    “name”: “This info 3“,
    “value”: “This info 3“,
    “value_type”: “-”
    }, {
    }, {

    Plugin Author brownbagmarketing


    This would be a filter in your javascript. Any js file should do, just name your function ghjb_questions_filter. Then you could update the questions for the job application form, this wouldn’t affect the job description though. I think I misunderstood your original question. You want to add custom fields to your job descriptions. The plugin doesn’t currently support this, but I think it would be as easy as adding a new js filter to alter the json received from greenhouse. Then you could write a script to add those fields to the descriptions. Let us know if you’d be interested in a solution like that.

    Problem solved.

    I went to to /wp-content/plugins/greenhouse-job-board/public/js/greenhouse-job-board-public.js

    and set the values of the metadata like this:
    display_custom_field1 =[i].metadata[0].value;
    display_custom_field2 =[i].metadata[1].value;
    display_custom_field3 =[i].metadata[2].value;
    display_custom_field4 =[i].metadata[3].value.unit + ‘ ‘[i].metadata[3].value.amount;

    After, I have called the values in greenhouse-job-board-public.php to display the job custom fields.

    I hope this information can be valuable for the public.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author brownbagmarketing


    Nice going. I’ll work on creating a hook to filter the description and expose the custom field data to it in the future.

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