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  • I use a lot of tags to describe my posts and so that the ‘Related Posts’ plug-in works effectively and relates truly related posts. But I fear that I use a different tag for the same thing such as ‘audio’ or ‘music’ or ‘sound’, which ideally should have been any one out of these three, but now that they are 3, they don’t get related.

    Is there a plugin or any other way to see all my tags on the ‘Write Post’ page in the Dashboard? This feature is present in Blogger. That way I can have a look at my tags and select the relevant tags instead of adding new ones each time.

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  • Exactly! Not very intuitive. Older versions of WP (I’m running 2.6) allowed me to add a tag with a click. Now I’m having to load the Manage All Tags page to remind me of what tags we already have. And that’s paginated, so we now have 11 pages of tags! Is there a hack to allow my tags to show up in the ‘write post’ panel just like the categories do- a scrolling box with a clickable list of categories?
    Or am I missing something?
    Or does it have something to do with using the migrate categories to tag function that became available in (i think) WP 2.5.

    Simple-Tags elegantly solved my problem and installed flawlessly with WP 2.6

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