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  • I have been trying to use WordPress as a CMS, but I seem to have misunderstood the way in which category-[N].php is called. I have searched the site extensively, but have now drawn a blank. I would be grateful for some help. Sorry about the long description of the background; I thought it might be relevent, in case there’s something fundamentally wrong with my approach.

    Background: Using WP2.5.1, I wanted to be able to post three different types of content: blog posts, articles, and essays. These three menu items were to appear in the top menu, and for each to return a list of the content-type-posts, or in the case of the blog, the five latest blog posts. So far, so good. I have created page templates for essays and articles, by creating essays.php, and declaring it as “Template Name: essaysPage”, and then creating a page, using ‘essaysPage’ in the ‘template parent’ parameter in ‘Write Page’, to get a menu item. Then using the line …query->query(‘showposts=5′.’&cat=[N]’. … to restrict the search to the relevent category. The blog works perfectly, and I’ve got the plugins to not display non-blog posts in the archive, and calender, and recent posts by altering the SQL queries in the plugins. And as I intended, the articles and essay pages, do not show the blog-related sidebars.

    Problem: Now, however, although I have created category-[n].php for posts belonging to categories essays and articles, WordPress continues to display the files using single.php, meaning I get sidebars where I don’t want them. I had understood that WordPress would pick up on the category for the post, and search first for the template relating to that category. Have I misunderstood anything?

    It occured to me that I may have been doing a de-facto ‘archive’ search, and that perhaps single.php is always the outcome from this kind of search. Is the only solution to put some conditional code into single.php? I am worried that this may be messy.

    Thanks. Ben.

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  • single.php is used to display individual posts, while category-23.php (for example) is used to display multiple posts in category 23, with usually the newest post on top.

    You could edit single.php, and if you want the posts in each category to look different, you could use the conditional in_category tag in it.

    Iridiax, thanks very much for your help.

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