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  • How many shipping modes have you set up?

    I got two shipping modes. This is how my shipping settings screen looks:

    Site url?

    Cannot post the live URL to the forum, any chance to PM you?

    I’m sorry but we do not provide free email support.

    OK, here it is: (I just didn’t want to point Google to this thread when searching for the domain name)

    Hi Vasikgreif

    It looks like the eShop plugin has been modified quite a bit. I can’t see how to get to an individual product page. That’s where I’d expect to see shipping options show up (assuming that hasn’t also been modified).

    You should talk to whoever developed your site.

    Best wishes


    Hi, thanks for reply, the problem is the developer is not around anymore. Yes, you’re right, there is no product detail page, I hoped to have the user pick up the shipping, along with payment, on the checkout page ( – is this possible?


    Plugin Author elfin


    Have you assigned weights to each of your products?

    Additionally, the shipping rates are there on the page, but you have somehow hidden them – check the source of the checkout page.

    Thanks for replies, yes, I assigned weight to all my products. I checked my checkout.php, but cannot find appropriate section. Could you please point me into the right direction? Here’s how my checkout.php looks:

    I see what you mean now – there are some hidden divs on the page (display:none). Going to fix that. I have the following shipping scenario:

    Local pickup in one place – 0,- Kc
    Local pickup in another place – 0,-Kc
    Shipping to CZ – 96,- Kc
    Shipping to SK – 290,- Kc

    What would be the proper way to set this up?

    Thanks for help

    Almost got it working, the only thing remaining is I would need to display the shipping options on the right of the form – any hints how to do that? Thanks!

    Plugin Author elfin


    you might be able to do it with CSS.

    Done, for anyone interested, I set up 3 shipping modes:

    Local pickup in place 1
    Local pickup in place 2
    Shipping via post

    2 Countries, CZ and SK, and set proper zones/prices.

    I used position:absolute; in CSS to display the whole div where I need it.

    Thanks for great support.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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