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Displaying Several Link Lists?

  • I have 3 different link lists (4 when I finish setting everything set up) and I would like to split them into 3 separate lists in my sidebar. I’ve searched the Wiki high and low, but no luck. I want to be able to display images inbetween the lists. Basically:
    (Tasty Cookies Image)
    Tasty Cookies list (list #3)
    (Chewy Cookies Image)
    Chewy Cookies list (list #4)
    (WP Link Love)
    Default WP Link list (list #1)
    Any tips and tricks to make this happen in the code? Help? Pretty please? With sugar and all that?

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  • Try http://wiki.wordpress.org/TemplateTags
    get_links_list(); is what I use on my blog to sort links and show them bunched by their categories. I guess that’s what you are looking for.
    If it’s not, there are the other links template tags anyways 🙂
    get_linksbyname(); is kinda neat, too.

    I couldn’t find anything in the Wiki that helped with what I need to do. I had read the get_links_list page, along with some of the others. I need:
    1. To be able to separate the list into 3 individual lists, allowing me to place unique images inbetween. I also want to display them in the order of 3, 4 and 1.
    2. To figure out how to display the last time a blog was updated. I know it can be done, I see it on other blogs, yet I can’t figure out how to make my blogroll do that.
    3. How to mark with an * a link that has been recently updated.
    I have them bunched by categories right now, but they are all squinched together in one list. There are no breaks inbetween the lists. I am only displaying 13 from each list at this time, so I am not sure if get_linksbyname will work for me, but I will check it out.
    Thanks for the details! I really appreciate the help!

    1. use
    <?php get_links(category, 'before', 'after', 'between', show_images, 'order',show_description,show_rating,limit,show_updated); ?>
    as follows:
    <?php get_links('3', '

  • ', '
  • ', '', '', 'asc','','','','TRUE'); ?>
    <your image here>
    <?php get_links('4', '

  • ', '
  • ', '', '', 'asc','','','','TRUE'); ?>
    <?php get_links('1', '

  • ', '
  • ', '', '', 'asc','','','','TRUE'); ?>
    this will show all links from category 3, with each link enclosed within

  • and
  • tags, then the links from category 4, and finally those from category 1.
    http://wiki.wordpress.org/get_links has comprehensive information about the tag.
    2. Read http://wiki.wordpress.org/UpdateLinkroll
    3. The answers to the above two, and http://wiki.wordpress.org/UserManual (the part that deals with the link manager options), should help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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