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  • Dear all, I am no WordPress expert at all, but want to figure out something which might be trivial to you – maybe not. Maybe someone might just give me a hint.

    I would like to display a stream of quotes in the side column of a blog which are taken out of quotes I used in normal blog entries. As an example (not by myself) you might check to see what I mean – there are quotes in the side bar/middle column linked to blog articles in which these quotes are used in their full version.

    I thought about implementing this in a way which sets on social bookmark service Delicious:

    As soon as I write an article which contains a longer quote which I want to display on my home page’s quote column (or anywhere else) I could bookmark the quote in my Delicious account, entering the quote text in the Delicious description field and the quote author in the Delicious title field, and tag these quotes with a specific tag, e.g. “quotes-for-my-blog”. Then I could syndicate the quotes in my blog by embedding exactly these Delicious entries tagged with “quotes-for-my-blog”, displaying title and description in an appropriate way styled with CSS.

    But to rely on a third-party service just to pull out some content of my blog posts and displaying them in my blog in another place seems to me like a nice, but not-perfect hack. I wonder wether there is any other way?

    Could I use custom fields? One custom field for the quote author, one for the quote text? And then syndicate only the contents of these fields in such a way that I can have them displayed as a quote stream on certain pages?

    Or is there any totally different way? A plug-in which might do exactly this?

    Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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