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  • I am running a basic blog with 3.5.1, and I am in need of displaying the 5 latest posts on an external site.

    I have searched this forum, Google, and Stack Exchange high and low, and almost everything I find requires PHP. I found jFeed, but it’s kinda old, and I could never get it to work. The site only which I am displaying the posts does not run PHP. So, for the sake of simplicity, let’s limit everything to HTML and javascript. jQuery is being used, but it’s only version 1.3.2, so it’s quite old.

    The site has the standard /feed running, which I assume is XML, and I have found one plugin that can generate a JSON feed. Using vanilla javascript or jQuery 1.3.2, I need to use a feed to display the 5 newest posts on an external HTML-only site. To make matters more tricky, my javascript skills aren’t very advanced, and I am relatively new to JSON. Any help would be exorbitantly appreciated. Thanks.

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