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Displaying older posts

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  • this is an instagram API limitation of 20 most recent photos per query, so if you do 50 photos a day, maybe once a day auto posting isn’t for you, maybe every 30 min? Also, if its not a new account, you’ll initially only get the most recent 20 photos and no way to get the older ones. There is a work around the API limitation using pagination found here ( http://thegregthompson.com/old_site/displaying-instagram-images-ignoring-page-pagination/ ) but this is a project I’m going to pass on and just go find another plugin hopefully. Shame but I need ALL my client photos past, present and future to be imported into individual posts as featured images.

    A bit late, but maybe someone can use this. To get ALL images from a specific user or tag. In common.php line 21 and 23, change from

    define('WP_ROLL_INSTAGRAM_USER_PHOTOS_URL_B', '/media/recent/?access_token=');


    define('WP_ROLL_INSTAGRAM_STREAM_BYTAG_URL_B', '/media/recent?access_token=');


    define('WP_ROLL_INSTAGRAM_USER_PHOTOS_URL_B', '/media/recent?count=-1&access_token=');


    define('WP_ROLL_INSTAGRAM_STREAM_BYTAG_URL_B', '/media/recent?count=-1&access_token=');

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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