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  • Hi,

    (foreword: I hope this is the right section. I intended to post this in WP Advanced, but apparently only mods can.)

    I’m looking for a way to change a WP site into something rather unusual. I’d like to have a site with at least 2 columns, each displaying one specific post in its entirety. The displayed post would depend on a dropdown menu or equivalent, at the top of the column. That way, it would make it easy to compare two posts, by selecting them in the menus and then seeing them displayed next to each other.

    Ideally, the posts would refresh whenever the item in the menu is changed, but an ‘apply’ button would do. It would also be cool to change the number of columns dynamically, but that’s not a priority at all.

    I know how to style the site; but I don’t know how to use PHP :(. I’ve been looking into WP’s documentation, and apparently one way to do what I want would be to use multiple loops and WP_Query(), but I have no idea how to get the info from the menu and transfer it to the query. Also, since I only need one post to be displayed, maybe using a loop is unnecessary.

    Note: I want to do this in a very simple homepage layout. I don’t really care if it breaks another section.

    Could anyone help me with that?
    Cheers 🙂

    [No bumping, thank you.]

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