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  • As the doc states: only the first element of each meta field is displayed when using {META[metafieldname]}

    I threw together a very quick , dirty , probably not optimal, not working in every case, … 🙂 hack that allows me to display my meta field as a comma separated list in case there is more than 1 value.

    Around line 336 in plugins/recent-posts-plus/recent-posts-plus.php
    there is a line that says foreach($meta_matches[0] as $key => $meta_match) {

    I changed the code in that foreach-loop with the following…
    And again : disclaimer ; this is very quick and dirty – don’t have alot of time to think this through for all usecases, I need to get this site finished. you know how it is.

    foreach($meta_matches[0] as $key => $meta_match) {
    if(!empty($meta_matches[1][$key])) {
    $the_metadata = get_post_meta($ID, $meta_matches[1][$key], true);
    // META field has multiple values.
    if (is_array($the_metadata)) {
    foreach ($the_metadata as $element) {
    $post_id = get_post($element);
    $title = $post_id->post_title;
    $widget_ouput_template_params[$meta_match] .= $title . ",";
    $widget_ouput_template_params[$meta_match] =     trim(rtrim($widget_ouput_template_params[$meta_match]),",");
        } else {
        // META field just has ONE value.
        $widget_ouput_template_params[$meta_match] = $the_metadata;
    } else {
        $widget_ouput_template_params[$meta_match] = '';

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  • HI!
    first of all thank you for this wonderful plugin!! It’s great!
    I’m struggling right now with adding multiple values to the meta output, but unfortunately this code corrections doesn’t work for me.
    did you get any better solutions yet?

    thanks a lot!!

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