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    We are using the most recent version of WP FullCalendar.

    We’re using it as a standalone, not with Event Manager plugin.

    When creating posts, we need to display ‘FUTURE’ events.

    From what I am seeing, the calendar displays based on the ‘published’ date.

    Changing the published date to a future / scheduled date does not show it.

    Is there a meta option, or something I am missing to make future events display?

    In short, let’s say I created a post today, January 5th, 2016.

    The event I’m posting about isn’t happening until March 5th, 2016.

    How do I make it so that event shows for the correct date in WP FullCalendar?

    I was hopeful we could avoid developments but I’m starting to have my doubts.

    Thanks in advance for any direction / guidance you can offer.

    Kind regards,
    Bryce Wisekal

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    I see you’re replying to other requests but still no reply to this?

    It would be great if you’d not ignore our question and respond.


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    sorry but at the moment this is not available at the moment.

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    Horribly slow response times for a supported plugin!

    Thanks for the follow-up nonetheless but we’ve developed a solution.

    @ourwebmedia – could you share your solution as we have the same issue? Is there and alternative to WP FullCalendar that does this as its pretty essential given we are running a series of some 20 events over the year – and each one has its own page/calendar (each event does appear on the right day in the calendar, but the calendar shows today’s date/month, not the month in which it occurs)


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    Hello @hammerofpompey,

    Unfortunately, this isn’t a development we can so easily share as it was a development that was billed out to our client. The effort was extensive as it required custom post-types and modifications outside the capabilities of the standard plugin.

    Though our project required this and while we love FullCalendar, the WordPress plugin (and it’s support) was helpless. Since WP FullCalendar was a modified version of the standalone, we simply developed it to suit our specific needs.

    Not entirely sure if it’s of consideration, but we’re happy to discuss the developments with you and offer a similar solution to you based on your needs, but it would be considered a development job and would ask you inquire via our website, – though take comfort in knowing, it’s possible, but unfortunately not without developments.

    I do apologize for any inconveniences this offers, it would be nice if the developers were a little more helpful and responsive, but appears they’re not.

    – Bryce Wisekal

    Anyone still have this issue?

    Simply comment out one line of code in wp-fullcalendar.php 🙂
    Look for the function named ‘public static function ajax()’
    comment out the line:
    $args['post_status'] = 'publish'; //only show published status

    In version 1.1 this is line 160 of file wp-fullcalendar.php

    Not the perfect answer as it means amending the core plugin code, but if needs must….

    @mark Fethney

    I have this issue. Looked at it but line was exactly like you show:

    $args[‘post_status’] = ‘publish’; //only show published status


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