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    I’d like to display the full titles of a post, regardless of how long it is.

    After adding .yarpp-thumbnail {height: auto !important;} the full titles will show up in Firefox, but in Chrome, the bottoms of longer titles get cut off.

    Also, every time I go into the settings, it resets the options to list. The changes take effect on the site, even if I do not press save. Is that by design or am I just missing something?

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  • You probably also want to set .yarpp-thumbnail-title { height: auto !important; max-height: auto !important; } or something like that.

    As for the options resetting and the changes taking time to take effect, these sound worrisome. Are you running some other plugins which might be interfering? In particular, are you running some caching or performance type plugins?

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    I’ve tried both with and without .yarpp-thumbnail-title { height: auto !important; max-height: auto !important; } but neither seems to have an impact for Chrome. Since it’s working in Firefox, I’m wondering if there’s something specific I have to add or change for Chrome?

    I’m not running any caching or performance plugins (AFAIK). It’s not so much the options are taking time to take effect, but if I go into the plugin settings, it defaults to the list, and the settings revert back to that, even if I don’t press save. If I click on thumbnails and then press save, those settings will take hold (until I go to the settings screen again).

    For the CSS, could you post the link here? I can take a quick look at it.

    For the options—this is disconcerting, and something I definitely would like to figure out. Just so I better understand what’s going on, could you please do the following?

    1. open two tabs, one with admin and one with a page where YARPP is displayed.
    2. In tab A, open YARPP settings. Set to List display and save. When the page refreshes, saying “settings updated”, does it show that List is turned on?
    3. Go to tab B and reload. Does it show the List display?
    4. In tab A, set to Thumbnails display and save. When the page refreshes, saying “settings updated”, does it show that Thumbnails is turned on?
    5. Go to tab B and reload. Does it show the Thumbnails display?
    6. In tab A, go to another part of the admin, and then go to YARPP settings (not with the browser back button). Does it still show that Thumbnails are on? (Do not change settings now.)
    7. Go to tab B and reload. Does it still show the Thumbnails display?

    Sorry, that’s a lot of steps, but this would help me see exactly what’s happening. Thank you!

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    Sorry for the slow response. I’ve answered in numbers below

    2 – yes
    3 – yes
    4 – yes
    5 – yes
    6 – no, list is selected
    7 – no, list shown

    I think all the steps perform as expected except 6 and 7.

    For the CSS, here’s a link with several longer related titles:

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you for your report! I believe the settings issue is fixed in this latest beta, 4.0.3b1. Please give it a try:

    For your titles, try adding this to your theme’s CSS:

    .yarpp-thumbnails-horizontal .yarpp-thumbnail-title {
    max-height: none !important;


    I also want to setup make the display show full title but i don’t understand CSS.

    How can i do that? Is it if i change the thumnail size using the tutorial in FAQ will show the full title?


    blog Naziman

    @naziman the instructions in the FAQ are for changing the image size, not the space for the title. The space for the title can be changed just my modifying your theme’s CSS, but you will have to know about CSS. I suggest you find a friend who can help you with the CSS.

    Can i know what file to modify? When i check in theme editor, only have 6 template from YARPP custome themplate while in plugin editor only have yet-another-related-posts-plugin/options.css file.

    I will try modify the theme CSS by myself.

    @naziman you’ll want to update the CSS for your theme, not the plugin. This is normally called styles.css, if you go to the theme editor.

    Yipee! Problem fixed. Thanks Mitch 😉

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