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  • I have a wordpress site with 100+ pages. Now suppose 5 pages are related to page 1, and I want to show them in side bar as similar pages/related pages and other group of pages in other menu in sidebar. There is no child-parent relationship between these pages all are in root including homepage.

    Same goes for other pages also, they all have to show different pages as related and other pages in sidebar.

    So every page has different links under sidebar grouped in two different menu, one-related pages, second-other pages.

    The possible solution i found is using these plugins;

    Dynamic Widgets, Flexi Pages Widget;

    I create several Flexi page widgets(more than 20) and control with Dynamic Widgets to show them on different pages.

    Now this is only solution I found, any suggestions on this?

    One more solution come to my mind is go in PHP/code and create different sidebars, but not look feasible to me.

    A plugin Advance custom fields can create related page link field, or I can create it manually. In this i create to custom fields;
    One-related pages with multiple values and link
    Second- other pages with multiple values and link.

    In advance custom field case can’t find any solution to show these field in my widget sidebar area, and if i go to create manually then again its lot of work to put values in fields.

    I’m looking for a solution in which there is a easy way to create relation between pages, that advance custom fields plugin do. Now i can’t find solution to show this in my sidebar widget area as drag n drop widget, i can insert code and that will do, but i’m looking for drag n drop widget type solution.

    You valuable reply in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

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