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  • Hi 🙂

    I am new to wordpress and all those stuff,I have to say this from start.

    What I need:
    I searching for plugin whichone can display content of my websate only for assigned roles.

    So when unloged user is on my site he will see only basic content without possibility to add,edit content or something else.
    When user log-in I want to add him some level role (level 1,level 2 etc.)
    And my goal is that user with some level see and have possibilities for exact role level.

    For example:
    User level 1 can see some basic content and add some new.
    User level 2 can see some basic + other content and add,or edit new.
    User level 3 etc.etc.

    I was able to find plugins to manage some roles and rules for them but I am still unnable to find something about content viev.

    Many Thanks for any advice or help. Pathfinder099
    (Site is not up and running yet so I dont have any link to show)

    Also I was been able to find pluggin which one is ablle to say user with low right- you dont have rights to see this content but I want find something where user with low role doesnt see content for bigger levels at all (picture or stuff).

    Many thanks in any advance.

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