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  • Ok, this is probably really easy, but I’m drawing a blank. Here goes:

    I want my homepage to be relatively static…but on my subpages I want the children of these sub pages to show up in the sidebar. I want to create a generic sidebar.php which I can load use on the homepage and also on the child pages. This generic sidebar.php file would display children of subpages on every page EXCEPT the homepage. Is this possible? And if so…how??

    Thanks for the help…


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  • Start here: Conditional_Tags. That should give you the basics of what you need. After you read it over, then post back with what you tried if it didn’t work.

    [I *think* you might need to do something like if (!is_home()), though at the moment my head is fuzzy from a cold and the wrong allergy med, so I’m most likely wrong – Handy Solo or Otto42 will be able to offer more “real” help probably….]

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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