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  1. MaddTechWF
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have my parent pages showing in my header working. I want to show the child pages and the child pages of the child pages in the sidebar.

    Sample Code

    <div id="secondary">
       <div id="subNav">
          <h2>Parent Name</h2>
          <h3 id="currentSubSection"><a href="#">Child 1</a></h3>
             <li><a href="#">Sub Child 1</a></li>
    	 <li><a href="#">Sub Child 2</a></li>
    	 <li><a href="#">Sub Child 3</a></li>
    	 <li><a href="#">Sub Child 4</a></li>
    	 <li><a href="#">Sub Child 5</a></li>
          <h3 ><a href="#">Child 2</a></h3>
          <h3 ><a href="#">Child 3</a></h3>
          <h3 ><a href="#">Child 4</a></h3>
          <h3 ><a href="#">Child 5</a></h3>
          <h3 ><a href="#">Child 6</a></h3>
          <h3 ><a href="#">Child 7</a></h3>
       <!--end #subNav-->

    I can't figure out how to code this so that my php will look like the above HTML and will be give the appropriate class to mark it as the active item.

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