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[Resolved] Displaying cars on homepage

  • Is there a way to display all cars for sale on the Home page,via a shortcode or other method? I have tried using a customised menu link for the full search. Problem being that using a customised link menu item, doesnt allow that menu item to be used as the homepage? Only ‘real’ pages are allowed.


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  • Plugin Author theverylastperson


    As of version 1.1.6 there is not a shortcode for inventory inclusion. This has been a popular request so I will be adding it in the future, maybe in release 1.1.7 if possible, but most likely I’ll wait until 1.1.8 (I already have several requested features and a couple bug updates I’d like to release in 1.1.7 and I’d like to get it posted as quick as I can). So it may be the middle to end of next week before I can get it added. I’ll post again as soon as it’s available.

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Hey Cocopops,

    Good news and bad news. The good news is I have a solution for you. The bad news is that it isn’t a shortcode.

    The fastest and easiest way to accomplish what you’re wanting to do is to use a PlugIn like

    Create a page and call it something like “Inventory”, set it as your homepage, then use the Redirect PlugIn to redirect it to your inventory listing as http://yoursite/cars-for-sale

    Long term we still plan to add a shotcode for inventory display, but there are issues with getting the template page to load correctly and I can’t give a solid time frame on when this might be added. When I looked into it this morning I was hoping to add it into the next release but it has proved to be a little more complicated than I had hoped.

    Give this a try and let me know if this method is suitable.


    Thanks for that Jay. This is a good work around for the time being, at least it can appear on the menu bar. A short code however would be the bees knees as we would like to put the cars on the homepage and a heading on the page with some terms and conditions of sale/part exchange details etc. Is there a way to maybe have a text box to fill in that could be called by the procedure to load the text before or after the display perhaps?
    Or maybe to replace the string:
    ‘Search Results:
    Results Found: 6′

    with some other text???

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    That’s a good idea. I’ll add a text box in the settings area that lets you put HTML right before the listings start. That would be fairly simple and I could add that into the next release. Would that work?

    Yup, that would be ideal with the redirect plugin. Thank you. I will donate as soon as the client is happy with the finished product (eventually). Great stuff.

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Good Deal, I just added this feature to the next version 1.1.8, I’m not going to be finished with that version for another day or two but if you want I can email you a pre-release version 1.1.75 that has this feature in it. Just fill out a contact form on our website http://www.CarDemons.com and I’ll reply with the pre-release version.

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    Just FYI, version 1.1.8 is now available and has an option in the Car Demon settings to allow you to add text or html directly before the listings. Let me know if you run into any bumps.

    Yup,looks ok, bit of CSS alteration and will be ok, but could really do with that shortcode 🙂

    One other question about VIN queries – are these US only – I’m in the UK so don’t think it will work? Is there an option to turn it off or to use another car registration lookup for over here?

    Plugin Author theverylastperson


    The VinQuery Option is only active if you enter a VinQuery.com account ID and I believe you’re correct, it is a service geared for US Dealers.

    I know one developer who is working on a VIN decode tool for Norway, but I’m not familiar with any of those services in the UK. If you know of a good one let me know and I’ll build the tool if you’ll be the Beta Tester.

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