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  • Right. I apologize in advance if this is a blatantly obvious or frequently-asked question. I have had a look, but I’m not sure if I’ve been attempting to do this some convoluted way when there’s a far more straight forward option.

    I’m making a gallery/photoblog of sorts and want to make the archives display thumbnails (using the_excerpt tag, which I’ve figured out), linking to the main picture/entry. But I’d like to sort the entries by category, so a visitor would click on one of the categories that a photograph was filed under from that entry and be taken to a page of thumbnails containing every other entry from that category.

    Just now, it doesn’t seem to matter which category a post is filed under, despite the title telling me this page contains thumbnails in the X category and the address at the top telling me I’m in a specific category, every post is on that page. (Is the fact that I am assigning more than one category to a single entry confusing things or should that not make a difference?) – if this helps.

    Do I have to make individual category pages, or not use the archives for this, or is it just a wee bit of code that I’m missing?

    Again, *really* sorry if this is annoyingly easy/obvious and thanks very much!

    P.S. And I haven’t attempted to sort this myself yet, but I thought I would ask on the off-chance, but do the thumbnail-excerpts not sit next to each other on the same line because of the way the style.css formats images or because of the way I have set out the code somewhere in a template?

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  • The reason all posts *appear* to be in your two categories is that one (places) is a subcategory of the other (PHOTOGRAPHS). Two options:

    1. Make each a ‘primary’ or top level category.

    2. This plugin may solve the issue:

    Your P.S.

    If you look at the source of your category pages you’ll see the excerpt is placed in a element. You can try to style it out in css (using display:inline), or use the_excerpt_rss(), which doesn’t stick the excerpt in paras.

    Thank you very much for your help. Using the_excerpt_rss worked perfectly.

    Still having trouble with one category’s entries on a page though. I deleted the subcategories and made every category primary, but still each individual category page contains all posts, including entries that haven’t been filed under that category.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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