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  • hi wpzen masters, i am sure this is any easy questions but as per a million others i am new and looking for help so thanks in advance.

    basically as part of my blog i want to add a page FSBO to list properties for sale by owner for fre, so on this page i just want to display posts that have category FSBO assigned, also i dont want these FSBO posts to display on the home page.

    how easy/difficult is this?

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  • You don’t need a Page, in case you were thinking about WP Pages.
    WP does it by default: if you have a category “FSBO” – clicking on its name will result in a so-called category archive, displaying ONLY posts from that category.

    For excluding from homepage > Extend at the top of this page, Plugins > and search for excluder…

    hi moshu

    thanks will search now about the excluder…

    the reason i made a separate page was to have a menu item at the top of the page with FSBO i dont want to have just a list of categories, see hwat i mean (still very much under development/learning! 🙂

    Yeah, everybody has this misconception…
    Instead of modifying the menu users are thinking of “screwing” WP to do what is their preconception 🙂
    For me it seems easier to modify one line of code in the Menu:

    yes i am misconceived 🙂 at least my mama always said so 🙂

    i have a big grin on my face thinking of what you said to yourself ‘what!? another numpty getting it the wrong way round’ 🙂

    thanks will try to make it work with your tutorial…

    got it to work to some extent but im missing the tab for the menu item FSBO properties just the text appears it links ok to the category page? but no tab outline?

    [Please use Code tag for code]

    ok sorry about the code didnt know! i figured out i missed a css style and hadn’t added a class= to the menu item, now it’s working.

    it brings me to the (archives for the ‘FSBO Properties’) and then the posts listed underneath which is exactly what i needed, where can i change this title, archives for the ‘FSBO Properties’?

    so i guess this is not possible as i had a search and nobody EVER answered to multiple requests for this….

    thanks for the tutorial anyway moshu

    You mean you want to change this:
    archives for the ‘FSBO Properties’
    That should be in your template – either archive.php or category.php, depending what do you have in your theme.
    See Template_Hierarchy

    got it! thanks again!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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