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  • Is it possible currently with version 1.2.5 of MtG Helper and 3.4.2 of WordPress to do a [card] shortcode that instead of displaying the name would display alternate text? For instance, I want to use [card] shortcode to display Dark Ritual on hover, but I want the text to read “interrupt that generates 3 mana.”

    I haven’t currently attempted anything because I haven’t done any digging into the code, only the documentation and hadn’t seen anything concerning this yet.

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  • Dude idk if u figured it out or not. I figured it out so heres the code:

    <a class="jTip" href="YOURDOMAIN./wp-content/plugins/wp-mtg-helper/mtg_helper_cardfinder.php?find=Unburial+Rites&width=223&height=310">this card.</a>

    just edit YOURDOMAIN to whatever it is, and change the card name after “find=”. make sure if the card name has spaces use a + and use capital letters if the card name starts with capital. I hope it helps 🙂

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