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  1. matt solomon
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello, i have written a short script to display a list of wpmu blogs that are owned by a user. However i wanted to tweak it to show a list of ALL wpmu blogs on the network similiar to how network -> sites works

    here is my current script

    $blogs = get_blogs_of_user( $current_user->ID );
    if ( !empty( $blogs ) ) {
    foreach ( $blogs as $blog ) {
    	$home_url = get_home_url( $blog->userblog_id );
    echo '<a href="' . esc_url( $home_url ) . '/wp-admin/profile.php">Edit Your Profile Information</a>';
    <div class="clear"></div>
    <h4>Your Clan URL Is: <? echo '<a href="' . esc_url( $home_url ) . '">' . esc_url( $home_url ) . '</a>'; ?></h4>

    does anyone have any tips or can someone point me in the right direction for tuning this?

    much appreciated

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