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  • Hello,

    I am trying to get a static title show above each category page in Atahualpa. I have found this solution on, however I am at a loss as to how to test it with Atahualpa as the theme doesn’t have category.php or archives.php. Here’s the suggested solution:

    Different Text on Some Category Pages

    A slightly more complex possibility is that you want different text to display depending on which category page the visitor is viewing. Then you would add the “default” text to the main category.php file, and create special category-#.php files (with their own version of the text, as described in the Introduction) for each category that needs special text at the top.

    This does however create a lot of files in your theme directory, and can be avoided using the following code OUTSIDE the loop:

    <?php if (is_category(‘Category A’)) : ?>
    <p>This is the text to describe category A</p>
    <?php elseif (is_category(‘Category B’)) : ?>
    <p>This is the text to describe category B</p>
    <?php else : ?>
    <p>This is some generic text to describe all other category pages,
    I could be left blank</p>
    <?php endif; ?>

    This does the following. Checks to see if we are looking at Category A, if we are then show the first bit of text, but if we’re not then check if we are looking at Category B. If we are then show that bit of text, and finally, if it is neither Category A or B, then show this default text.

    I am hoping that someone has implemented this with the newest Atahualpa theme (the older versions allowed php. inserts using the theme’s options, but not any more).

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

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  • I have also posted this question on Atahualpa’s own “free” forum, and this is the answer I have received from @juggledad:

    Well now that you have explained your issue clearly, I spent some time and have a solution. What is my time and the answer worth to you?

    While I have nothing against paying for support, I do think that a better approach and the more honest one would be to make Atahualpa’s own forum a premium support only. I do have an issue paying for this solution that others would see and use for free. It particularly pisses me off that there is a solution on outlined in my previous post but I can’t even try it without knowing which Atahualpa’s template to use it on. I was basically hoping they would direct me to where I should exactly try it, but…@juggledad wants money… In my world, for @juggledad to hang out on the “free-support” forum and solicit jobs and money from members who think it’s a free forum is not COOL!

    I think the theme’s developers should look into this and make a decision – there are lots of free themes out there that come with paid support only. And that’s fine, as long as the users know exactly what they are getting into.

    vinceesq, I never solicited you for a job, go back and read what I originally wrote which, after I pointed you at a way of solving your issue was

    you could duplicate the file ‘template_multi_column_custom_query.php’ – which is in the theme folder, and add your code to it, Then use this template in a page on your site.

    If you don’t understand how to do this and are not a coder, you might want to hire someone to do it for you if it is somthing that you have to have.

    I suggested you hire SOMEONE, and frankly, I’m too busy.

    After the other moderator and I replied to you 7 times, you finally clearly described (we think) your issue which my original suggestion would have fixed, but I went further and dug thru the code and came up with a solution. That is when I made the reply you quote above. From your attitude it seems that you feel I should hand you the answer for free even if I spend 2 hours working on it.

    I am an unpaid moderator who has made almost 20,000 posts on the forum and I apreciate the users that donate for my support – as do all theme developers. As an unpaid moderator I have the freedom to choose how I deliver support. I can decide to spend 4 hours and give away a solution or I can choose to lead you step by step making you work out the solution on your own or being an upaid moderator, I can ignore you altogether.

    My choice.

    @juggledad, you can’t have it both ways: be outraged at my suggestion that you are soliciting a job and ask me 3 times in a row what your support would be worth to me.

    Well now that you have explained your issue clearly, I spent some time and have a solution. What is my time and the answer worth to you?

    Which one is that? Make up your mind, man.

    Also, when you suggested you have dug in further and have a paid solution for me, I assumed your previous suggestion that you have quoted above was not applicable any more. You also refused to explain where exactly in the template I should have placed my code.

    Anyways, you’re right. You have 20,000 posts, but have you ever counted the number of people you have snubbed or otherwise offended? I personally saw lots of threads in the forums where you are giving ppl an attitude before you would provide the much-needed support.

    I think you are leaning towards paid support only, and that’s what you should do, in my opinion. You always sound extremely unhappy when you provide your support for free, and it always comes with an attitude. It’s fundamentally wrong, when you choose ppl that you would be nice with and help them out, and then rebuff others. It’s like a charity work – if you do it, you do it for everyone who needs it, not just to some ppl of your choice. A free forum is a form of a charity work – you come there to help everyone! If you are not prepared to do that – just leave. I also think you already have a solution – it’s right there in your signature after each and every post:

    How valuable do you find support on this forum? Valuable enough to donate on a regular basis? My time has value and at the rate donations are coming in, I may not be here much longer…food for thought.

    There you have it – just do it, man!



    Forum Moderator

    I think you are leaning towards paid support only

    There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, neither WordPress nor mandates that theme developers must offer free support.

    It’s like a charity work – if you do it, you do it for everyone who needs it, not just to some ppl of your choice.

    I can only assume that you do not have much experience working on a free support forum. Not even the volunteers on these forums are obliged to help everyone. They are free to pick & choose what topics they reply to. If this type of free support is not suitable for your needs, perhaps you need to use commercial themes/products instead where you have actually paid something upfront for basic support.

    Either way, this topic is going nowhere pleasant, so I’m closing it before tempers get really lost.

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