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  • Hello WordPress Forum! This is my first post in the forums, though I know my way around WordPress. I have recently inherited the responsibilities of a website for my school’s, Bowling Green State University GO Falcons!, FM radio. The website is lame and ugly here. I am in the process of completely resigning the site and I need some help transferring the schedule of the station. Currently it is a violently colored table from MS Word, it is freaking awful here, but it serves it purpose. I know there are a lot of really great calendar plugins, but since the schedule is constant I feel like a calendar would be extremely cumbersome with all the shows all day in it and I’m really tring to streamline this website and make it about listen to the radio and social media integration. So I was wondering if there is some sort of plugin that can help me or maybe there is a calendar plugin that would work well that I couldn’t find. Normally I would have tons of free time to look for this stuff on my own, but they gave me the website on Thursday and they are starting their Spring Donation Drive on Monday so I need to have the new site up by then. So any help would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance for any help.

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  • Hi, J,

    I ran the radio station for my alma mater Central Wyoming College, but I graduated before they actually went online for the station. I’m a long time WP user (2004…really), but I do have a suggestion for you.

    If I were running a station, and using WP, I’d go with something like

    Where each tab could be a day of the week, with each day’s regularly scheduled program and any show # specific notes could be posted fairly easily. Consider something else like WP-tables Reloaded…

    to structure the TIME – SHOW TITLE – DETAILS data in a column/row format.

    This should get you started fairly quickly…

    Hope this helps.

    Personally, during my time at KCWC, while managing the students, their on air training, their show times, and the like, I was using Excel for most of the planning.

    Looking back, WP at the time wasn’t as far along as it is now…you’ll find GREAT tools to get your station’s online presence well taken care of.


    Thanks exactly what I wanted. You saved me a ton of time looking for these. I wish I could hug you across the internet, but I guess a thank you is all I can do.

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