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  • Before I go in to detail, I’d like to point out that the following questions are queries I have prior to starting the project, so there is no link. I’ve tried googling, but can’t find a solution.

    Basically, my client has products that all will have a number of variants, one being colour. They have requested for the colour selection to be available as swatches as they have around 100 colours, and a simple text drop-down won’t quite work. I’m aware of a few plugins by woocommecre, yith etc. That can help me achieve this easily, and so I will, I just need to run I’ve them to see which will best suit the project.

    Now for my question, with there being around 100 swatches listed, each product page will be quite long as the swatches are all listed rather than drop-down, I’m looking for a very simple way to minimise this in any way, I initially thought a simple toggle button to hide/display the colour section but I’m open to any suggestions such as bringing it back as a drop down with text and colour swatch or even a text only dropdown with ‘view colours’ button next to it that when clicked displays a pop up screen which then shows the colours that when clicked on changes the text drop down to that colour selected.

    Basically, I’m open to the quickest and simplest suggestions to minute the page content as long as there is the option to view and select colour swatches.

    Thanks in advance all.

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