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  • I have a strange situation with a client and I’m not entirely sure how to word this question…

    We’ve created an installed WP on a domain we host and control, and it works fine. However, we need the existing WP site to actually display on another domain that (for numerous reasons beyond our control) we do not host.

    I understand how to get a sub-directory installation to resolve to the host domain using the basic changes in Settings and index.php here:

    Can this same (2-part) technique be used to have WP installed on one hosted domain, but appearing on another domain?

    Basically I would have this in my settings:

    WordPress Address (URL): set to the current installation
    Site Address (URL): set to the other domain

    And this in the index.php file on the other domain server:


    If not, is there another way to make this work without actually installing WP on the other domain (which we can’t do right now)?

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