• Tinymce javascript errors occurs sometimes and sometimes not. Buttons are flying around all over the screen fields. This plugin just smash a tiny editor all over your page, and is not a true inline editor.

    Perhaps a default wordpress theme without plugins will work better. Try it out for your own purpose.

    Im using twentytwelve default theme, extended with a custom css and plugins.

    Better to let the customer click on Edit page in the admin bar and go to a clean beckend.

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  • Plugin Author yepie wpiee


    I will try to make interface more clean in next release.

    BuddyPress MyMood

    I have loaded, installed and updated BuddyPress MyMood onto my BuddyPress (1.8) and WordPress (3.6) site but have not been abl to get it to show up on the user’s profile/activity/wall…what am I doing wrong? I thought it might be because of the versions of BuddyPress & WordPress but I installed it on another site with older versions of both and it is still doing the same…please help!!!


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