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  • WordPress has deleted the Display Widgets plugin again, (twice in a week!) this time because of version 2.6.1.

    The cause is the code in the /display-widgets/geolocation.php file (added by the new developer) connects to and potentially collects/stores your website visitors data without yours/theirs permission.

    Data collected:

    IP address
    User agent
    Display Widget users domain name

    I don’t understand why the feature would require anything beyond IP address? The new geolocation feature only needs the country code (US, EN-GB, DE etc…) of the visitor which can be determined from IP alone. Why gather the other data?

    If you plan to stick with the Display Widgets plugin I suggest downgrading to the old version (updated 2+ years ago by the original developer). You can download version 2.05 from this has a few minor bugs, but is a stable release and what I used to build the Display Widgets SEO Plus plugin from 7 months ago.


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  • Dear All,

    Apologies for the delay. Please consider that it is Independence Day weekend here in the United States, and even plugin developers deserve to spend some quality time with their families, don’t you think? I am in process of sorting things out with WordPress moderators, after having been reported for violation of the guidelines TWICE.

    Look, rest assured that even if I have been developing plugins for quite some time, I’m still learning the procedures and restrictions of having something hosted on the public WP repository. This is a thankless job, that I do in my spare time because I LOVE this plugin (I’ve been using it for my own sites for a while), and I was really sad to see it die with such a great userbase.

    I hope you will cut me some slack. Version 2.6.2 has already been committed to the repo, now it’s just a matter of having it approved and reopened by the moderators.

    I just recently understood that I could access these forums even if the plugin was “closed” to the public, so please forgive me if I did not reply right away. Note that I am trying my best to get this resolved and to get over these initial bumps with the minimal amount of damage for the community.

    Thank you for your support!

    @displaywidget thanks for clarification


    We need to update our sites that has display widget enabled. Currently, on Appearance -> Widget section, the Display Widget doesn’t show anymore. When I looked into the console, it says 500 internal server error. Is there anyway we can fix it at the moment while waiting for the updated version?

    Thank you!

    @gcbancod, version 2.6.2 has just been released. I’m waiting for the moderators to open it again. It fixes this bug. Please let me know if it works for you.

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