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    I need to use a Widget title but the title shown with FQ is using a custom style, just a simple <h3> which shows a giant text. Not having a custom class I can’t customize it with my own custom CSS.
    Instead it should probably use something like <h1 class=”widget-title”>MY WIDGET TITLE</h1> so that it has the same style as the other titles.

    Also the customization defined in the FQ settings doesnt solve my problem because it doesnt create a custom class and I cannot change the color, use white instead of gray. And in any case it woud force me to update it whenever I change the style of the site.

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    I can prepare next version of FQ with filed for custom class, and possibility to choose h1/h2/h3/h4/h5/h6. After you confirm this specification I need 1-3 days to implement it.

    It solve your problem?


    My personal need is to just have the same widget title style used by all other widgets, which it seems to be <h1 class=”widget-title”>.
    But I’m not sure if this is defined only in Theme TwentyFourteen or if it is a basic specification for WordPress.
    If it is a general definition for all themes then I would use that style so that FQ will use the same Title even when changing the Theme style.

    But probably the standard way is to call a wordpress function to register/echo a the widget with the correct style setting rather than hardcode it in the plugin. So that it can be well integrated with other plugins. I would try that path.
    For example here someone asked for having a different background for each Widget title of the site (maximum customization), it means that it would be possible for WordPress to generate custom definitions regardless of the specific plugin:

    In my case I will use two FQ widgets on the side bar, for different kind quotes. No need to have that kind of customization.
    Just my 2 cents for choosing the best implementation.

    Plugin Author kris_IV


    Generally – it’s depend what was defined by theme developer.

    Ok – I will add option to choose header value and header class. It should solve problem for all themes.

    Plugin Author kris_IV


    Ok- in version 3.1.4 this feature is implemented.

    If it’s all what you nead pleas mark this topic like resolved.

    (default options are like now used – it means, that nobody else will see any differences without edit this options)

    I tried the latest version 3.1.4.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to set the custom class that is used as the default widget for twentyfourteen (string too long, sort of “primary-sidebar widget widget_text widget-title”) or in any case what I tried didn’t worked. Unable to have the Title look the same as all other Widget titles.

    The only solution was to use a Custom CSS, with a new class called “Free-Quotation_title” (to be specified as FQ class header). Of course if I change something in the theme I have to update that custom CSS. It’s a minor issue.

    Also I noticed that “Notes” and “Author” use the same style “Free-Quotation_author”. So when I add a bottom margin to the Notes (because I want some extra space after after the Widget) then I get that extra space also between Author and Note. A minor issue.

    In any case Thank you for the improved version,

    Plugin Author kris_IV


    OK – in 3.1.5 I will add margin before/after widget to fulfill all users needs.

    What more – I can give longer filed for classes in this version. Thanks for reply!

    I noticed that “author” and “notes” uses the same class. I would give the option to separate them (different classes). It offers more flexibility.

    Then if I need to add a specific margin I can do it to the note class only. So you don’t have to add custom margins.

    It’s just an extra, not really necessary for me.

    Plugin Author kris_IV


    Yes – but it doesn’t solve situation when you doesn’t have notes and you have only ‘author’ and ‘date’ . When I add additional option – it solve this problem.

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