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  • Nimesh


    Hello All,

    I have use wp user frontend plugin.
    All other way, it is working fine.
    But as I have put the custom field as a “required”. and as I have not entered value in it and submit the post,
    I got error message like,
    “Term Condition” is missing”
    And most important think with that error message I have also got the arrat like,
    array(9) { [“_wpnonce”]=> string(10) “351792d02d” [“_wp_http_referer”]=> string(32) “/ethyrea/contests/audio-contest/” [“wpuf_post_title”]=> string(1) “a” [“wpuf_post_content”]=> string(1) “a” [“6_letters_code”]=> string(0) “” [“cf_TermCondition”]=> string(0) “” [“category”]=> string(1) “3” [“wpuf_post_type”]=> string(4) “post” [“wpuf_post_new_submit”]=> string(3) “yes” }.
    I can not understand why this erro is also display.

    And as I have remove echo from the given below function,
    if ( $errors ){
    echo wpuf_error_msg( $errors );
    than I can not see the error message but the above array must be display as it is.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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  • In the submit_post function, comment out the line:

    var_dump( $_POST );

    You should be fine now.



    thanks gribbler, now I can see only error message not whole array.
    but let me know as I have remove var_dump($_POST), is it affect any other codes or anything else?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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