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Display Visitor Maps shortcode

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  • Okay, I see you’ve thought of that, at least it looks like that’s the intention in settings.
    Enable visitor map on Visitor Map shortcode page.

    However all I get are the pins, no map, and the pins are located at the top left of the page.

    I’ve tried both versions of the ‘missing map background fix’, it doesn’t change.


    here’s the URL https://www.shareyourmemories.ca/maps/

    If i look at the source I see the map section like this

    This link is for your reference, it can be pasted into a browser:
    $map_settings = array(
    // html map settings
    // set these settings as needed
    'time'       => ’28′,  // digits of time
    ‘units’      => ‘days’, // minutes, hours, or days (with or without the “s”)
    ‘map’        => ’4′,       // 1,2,3 etc. (you can add more map images in settings)
    ‘pin’        => ’1′,       // 1,2,3 etc. (you can add more pin images in settings)
    ‘pins’       => ‘off’,     // off (off is required for html map)
    ‘text’       => ‘on’,      // on or off
    ‘textcolor’  => ’000000′,  // any hex color code
    ‘textshadow’ => ‘FFFFFF’,  // any hex color code
    ‘textalign’  => ‘cb’,      // ll, ul, lr, ur, c, ct, cb (codes for: lower left, upper left, upper right, center, center top, center bottom)
    ‘ul_lat’     => ’0′,     // default 0 for worldmap
    ‘ul_lon’     => ’0′,     // default 0 for worldmap
    ‘lr_lat’     => ’360′,     // default 360 for worldmap
    ‘lr_lon’     => ’180′,     // default 180 for worldmap
    ‘offset_x’   => ’0′,   // + or – offset for x axis  – moves pins left, + moves pins right
    ‘offset_y’   => ’0′,   // + or – offset for y axis  – moves pins up,   + moves pins down
    ‘type’       => ‘png’,     // jpg or png (map output type)
    echo get_visitor_maps_worldmap($map_settings);

    I’m not sure of why everything in my source is converted to html entities (it is converted back on this board), but at any rate the last line converts to -> when it really should be an end comment block -->

    Can’t see why it won’t print that last comment tag.
    Something to do with the array

    My workaround for now is just to make line 271 an empty string.

    // show world map
    $string = '';

    it also works with just removing the array

    $string = '<!--
    This link is for your reference, it can be pasted into a browser:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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