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    Is there a plugin that allows a viewcount to be displayed on each post on the frontpage?

    Like on the front headlines “500 views” ?

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  • Hey thanks so far man. I installed the update and I got it to look how I wanted it to look.

    But then, it doesnt work!
    Why not?

    It says “0 views” on all posts, and I’ve gotten several buddies to click each post. Whats wrong? I did everything according to the readme file. It just doesnt log views at all.

    Please I need this to work. I asked on their official forums but they dont want to help, because I’m using a theme apparantly.


    I don’t want to help?

    If you are unwilling to corporate, I can’t help you debug the problem either.

    Ok, then sorry to say I am boycotting your entire plugin. And I think everyone else should too.

    Because if you make a plugin that does not work for themes. And don’t want to help people with themes – who actually wants your plugin to work. Then I think you should not be releasing anything at all.

    What a waste of my time.

    sure, I am not stopping you from doing it.

    I am trying to narrow down the issue which from a global point of view to either is the plugin fault or the theme fault. If it is a plugin fault, I will download the theme and fix it with the theme on. If it is theme fault, I guess it is up to the theme author.

    I am releasing it FREE and giving support out of my own FREE time.

    There is NO way I can confirm that it will work in 10231230123 themes that is available out there.

    If you want it so desperately, pay someone to code it or try coding it yourself, it will 100% work with your theme as you are using your theme as the base.

    In life, sometime it just does not go your way.

    And just to let you know, I have downloaded your theme Linux Force and the way it use to get posts from the database is outdated or depreciated and hence this maybe the result why it will not work.

    So if it is outdated, and your plugin is more modern, it won’t work? Thats the simple answer?

    I did not think WordPress worked this way, that its up to the themes how it works. I thought as long as WordPress was updated everything was fine.

    Nope, when you update WordPress, it fixes security issues in WordPress and potentially breaking compatibility with plugins and themes. As you can in this forum lately, plugins and themes are broken with WP2.5.

    This is why plugins and themes need to keep up with WordPress and not the other way round. If any of this plugins/themes/wordpress is left behind, it will have problem.

    Well all that really makes it harder for simple users like me, who basically want to plug and play.

    So what about backwards compitability?

    I don’t know about other developers, but personally I find it hard to maintain backward compatibility.

    And hence the approach I take is to make sure that the latest version of the plugin will work with the latest version of WP while different legacy plugin versions will work with different legacy version of WP.

    Alright, I can safely say the problem is resolved. You were willing to help after all and if other people are having similiar problems as I had, this was the solution that worked for me:,1289.20.html

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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