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  • Hi everyone.

    I’m trying to achieve something, and I just can’t figure out how to do it.

    I’m gonna try to explain it as clear as possible

    1 – I have on my website a module that displays a list of video posts. And when you click on the “video icon”, it displays this post’s video in the player (iframe) located on the right side of the page.. That’s fine, works perfect…

    (you can see it on “” on the main page). The video url is entered in a custom field called “video” while editing post.

    2 – Every post you open show on the top the main post image (custom field = “thumb), and just underneath it, there a bunch of icon depending of what I have added to my post (custom fields = “video” “thumb” “url” “mp3”

    When you click on any of there icons, a lightbox appears displaying the content (either the video, the linked url, the main picture or a mp3 player)

    (you can see it on “”)

    What I’d like to do is : When a post contents a “video” custom field, I want this video to be “ready-to-play” in place of the post main image as soon as the post page opens. Currently, you have to click on the icon to display the video, i want the user not having to search for the video. Searching for play button means loosing time while navigating. (it makes no sens if i share a movie trailer to first display a picture. It should display the video ready to be played)




    I use a theme called ‘life’. With the worst (inexistant) support ever. sent more than 10 mails, still waiting for answer…

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